Rendered | In 3D

I’ve always enjoyed playing with design instruments. 3D modeling studios are a...

20th Aug

World Travel

I boarded a plane for the first time when I was four,...

15th May

Onward | 2014 Bohemian World Tour

June 21, 2014was the day we left America, flying from JFK to...

06th Jan

Art – Refractions of Self | James Watson

I am not fond of individuals defined within boxes, but accept that labels...

01st Jan

Art Show DC – #ItsBohemian featuring James Watson

#ItsBohemian will be my first show, focusing on pieces done in pencil,...

24th Apr

Art of Doodling

My mind is rarely idle, and my hands are always searching for...

14th Nov

Sweden – Images from Goteborg

I have been traveling to Sweden somewhat regularly since I was 5...

10th Dec

Digital Art by James Watson

Digital art is about the projection of light for so than the...

18th Oct

Photography of People

I first started taking pictures of people when working on a portfolio...

13th Oct
Washington DC Photographer - James-Watson
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