Street Photography in Washington DC

On April 20, 2011 by James Watson

There is a culture that is very distinctly the District. The streets of the Nations Capital not only carry a history, but bring with them a distinct energy that only a city as torn as this one can have. From extreme poverty to political super power, Washington DC wouldn’t be such a resonance of the United States if it didn’t have the homeless veteran on the monument steps, or bicycles weren’t locked up for fear of having a tire stolen; if conversations weren’t too loud on the metro trains or the smell of bodies so thick on a bus in the summer.

Washington DC is a center of the world, and yet so detached from anything outside of it. It has a struggle all its own – taxation without representation – and the seat of diplomacy in America, the heart of social equality, the symbol of justice, the gathering place of movements and marches and vocal revolutions.

These are some images I’ve taken, not of monuments, but of the streets within which I roam.




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