Rome – Artists, Ruins, and Emperors

On June 5, 2012 by James Watson

I was in Rome for three days as part of a 5 week European tour that started on June 5, 2012. Rome was the first of many destinations, and was a great gateway to a European experience.

As always my camera was in hand, but it was very difficult to step out of being a tourist and capturing Rome in a more casual way, the way I explore Washington DC. I had hoped to see the monuments without the distorted cloud of tourists that seem to be hanging out of every nook and filling in all the spaces around the structures. People were everywhere, all the time, and it was difficult to turn a corner in Rome without stumbling on a person or sign or shop that was part of the tremendous tourist industry.

I was fortunate to have stumbled upon a parade that the Pope was presiding over, ate some amazing (though often re-heated) food, and walked the winding streets of a city that once was the center of the world.

These are some of the images from my three days in Rome.


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