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On August 20, 2017 by James Watson

I’ve always enjoyed playing with design instruments. 3D modeling studios are a great playground, especially if you’re like me – self-taught, and not using the tools as a designer or professional, but as an expressionist, and artist. These are some renderings that came out of those times playing in three dimensions. I’m still going to call them design, because I do differentiate between this kind of experimentation in relation to doodling, which I think of more as art, or meditation. But I do cringe a little when I say “design,” because I believe that design is with direction and purpose, where art is more of freedom and exploration. Anyway, enough of that – some of this:



Wireframe of the model – doesn’t seem like much to it, but it felt like floating around in an anti-gravity room. I was working beyond creating perspective, and confined to being in perspective.


I started playing with reflection and surface materials…



….and color.



These are a few more variations on textures, colors, patterns.





I also tried my hand at architectural design, at a very, very basic level. The idea was to create a form where the function was tranquility. The building was to be in a large circular reflecting pool. I began to shift the angle of the building like dials on a clock, but don’t have any of those images now.




I also played around with aeronautics. It is supposed to be a Spaceplane, but I can’t say enough study has gone into the viability of it. But fun to build. This design may be a bit more fantasy and sci-fi than practical.




This is some more texture study. Not that exciting now, but then… was a lot of fun.





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