Photography of People

On October 13, 2012 by James Watson

I first started taking pictures of people when working on a portfolio and mixing architectural materials and fashion designs. I needed a model for my work, and the collaborative aspect got me hooked. I enjoy bringing together mixed visions and developing concepts and ideas with another like-minded and creative individual.


Freestyle and Justice

Freestyle and Justice


I sometimes stumble upon an interesting moment and ask reluctantly if I can capture it. This is a moment from Union Station in Washington DC.


Washington DC - Union Station

Union Station


Over the years I have had the wonderful experience of working with some passionate models as well as everyday people. Casual settings, intimate moments, and sometimes candid. No two moments are the same, and you always leave having made a connection that otherwise may have been passed.



Showtime – Las Vegas


Kompong Cham Cambodia

Kompong Cham, Cambodia


Shadows of Me

Shadows of Me





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