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On January 1, 2015 by James Watson

I am not fond of individuals defined within boxes, but accept that labels are simply a majority agreement, or at least social debate, on the meaning of a word. For years I refused the title of “artist,” because I felt it was reserved for people with more passion and a greater message.

My life is inspired by many people – creative, intelligent, and transcendent individuals who have made a great impact on the world. Those among them who were artists created works that I always aspired to recreate. And then I realized, I have a style of my own. And just as I may never have the skill to produce a work from another master, the vision that I have is uniquely my own.

Art, when reduced to a product, because arduous; it becomes work. But art as a function – art as an exploration of self and experimentation on life – is an expression of self; a refraction of life through the individual.

As an artist, I have dabbled and doodled in photography, video, pencil and pen, spray and oil paint, wood and metal sculptures, and even made some women’s clothing (twice). Each is a way of exploring curiosities, tickling the mind, and seeing what imagination might be waiting to be expressed in form.

My main passion is not art. My passion is travel. I travel because I am curious about the human experience. Observing the human experience has offered me a lot of growth and understanding, and allowed me to realize even more questions. My understandings, misunderstandings, and the fortune of exploring the world seems to inspire others, and fuel me with stories and experiences that I express in many forms. Each of these forms, from writing to painting to story-telling, is an art of its own.

Always chase your passion. It’s always scary, but can’t be confined by a cubicle. Happiness is doing what you love. Do that. #Onward!

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