Art of Doodling

On November 14, 2013 by James Watson

My mind is rarely idle, and my hands are always searching for something to shape or mold or create. I’ve doodled ever since I can remember, and as I became a more strategic thinker professionally, I became a more avid doodler.

I never thought much of them – they were a way to focus, and something I simply enjoyed doing. I usually didn’t know what a doodle would look like; a few simple starter lines and the rest usually unfolds. And during this time I always struggled with art. I didn’t know how to use color and I didn’t understand different paints and felt that being a true artist – being a painter – was beyond my skill or passion. And then I started listening…

People who would see my artistic attempts agreed I had a ways to go, but that I was making progress. At the same time they were telling me this, they would notice a doodle on a notepad and ask “did you do this?” I suppose the doodles hold something more than I’ve given them credit for in the past, so I’m finally sharing them, mostly because I didn’t think them shareworthy before.

This is going to be a slow process; you may notice I need to find a better way of photographing them. But they’re coming.

Late 2013

art-pen-james-watson bird-art-james-watson james-watson-art-flower-ink james-watson-art-flower-oil


Art of Doodles by James Watson (xorrox)

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