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On April 29, 2012 by James Watson
Ready to Travel - James Watson - XORROX

Ready to Travel - James Watson - XORROX


I don’t assume to define art. I’ve never considered myself an artist. Until one day I realized that art was merely expression. And like religion, food, politics and clothes, art comes in many forms; some become trends, some go unnoticed, some you will love and others you will question as being art at all. In fact, you will consider some genius and others simply stupid. But above all else, no two experiences of art are the same, and that is what I find so compelling. I have the fortune of exploring art at any moment by creating it with whatever I have around me.

I have not yet created a piece of art that I would include in my portfolio. I suppose it’s time to start.


James Watson - XORROX

James Watson - XORROX


To read my musings on art, and about my explorations and experiences that impact the art I seek to create and define, check out It’s Bohemian – reflections and refractions on the human experience by James Watson.

As I’m exploring “art,” I have found myself struggling with the problem of “well, what really is art?” I have never considered myself an artist, though I have succumbed to the title after years of others insistence. As an observer, possibly because I was a closet artist being resilient against the title,  I would state that “anything can be art.” The more I participate in the process, the more I question the idea that anything can be art. Where I once said it was subjective, I feel there has to be some objective way to comfortably say “no, this is not art. This is an attempt at painting.” Currently, I’m abstaining from giving any real opinions of art. I have a lot of exploring yet to do.

James Watson - Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC



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