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    James Watson – Washington DC

  • Be True to Yourself

    You have one life. You can look back and find it empty, or look back and find it full. Never exchange a walk on part in a war for a lead role in a cage.

  • Washington DC Photography

    Exploring the streets of DC, the seasons and storms of tourists and political debate, capturing the culture, the neighborhoods, the people, and the history of the Nations Capital.

  • Truth, Beauty, Freedom, & Love

    Becoming the person you intend to be requires exploring the world around you, and understanding the many motions that sway and guide you along the path.

    James Watson is XORROX


An outlet; a source of balance; a place of exploration. I often don't know what art I will produce, and more often find myself unsatisfied by the product. Art helps maintain my sanity, by allowing me to explore the insanity within. I live by the bohemian ideals of TRUTH, BEAUTY, FREEDOM, & LOVE


I use the lens to capture moments from my perspective; bringing my ideas about the world and the situations I find myself in to a place beyond myself. I use photography as a process, an expression, and an experience. This is my lens - these are my moments.

Thailand – The Land of Smiles – The Islands

I have been to Thailand several times, each time offering a new...

26th Mar
James Watson - Photographer - Thailand

Southern California Institute of Architecture

This was my first and only true immersion into the world of...

01st Jan
James Watson Architecture - SCI-ARC
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