James Watson Photography and Art

Photography has been in my life for nearly since the early 1990’s. There is a pleasure that comes from capturing a moment; knowing that someday you might stumble upon an image that reminds you of a period in your life when you least expect it. In time I came to realize the act of taking pictures for its artistic opportunity, and to appreciate the camera as a tool not only to capture experiences, but to tell a story, to share a vision, or to explore new territory.

When asked where I am from, I answer “Earth.” When asked what I do, I answer “many things.”

So many people find themselves trying to define themselves, ascribing some sort of value to their being based on the titles they can give themselves. For a long time I had a difficult time giving myself any titles, but found that in the course of my life I performed many actions that others wished to define.

So I am James Watson. I am a photographer, an artist, an traveler, an adventurer, a seeker. Some consider me their life coach. Others know me in the digital world as a project manager, user experience architect, customer engagement specialist, product strategist, or marketing guru. I am often a student; from time to time a teacher. I have been a geneticist, a barista, an optical lab tech, and a host at Walt Disney World. I am all of these things – I am none of them.
What is XORROX?

Curiosity seems to lead many to this question. The answer is not all that magical. Years ago I lived further away from family than I wanted to. They were interested in seeing what I was doing creatively, so I decided to build a website to share. This is before MySpace, so it’s sometime ago. I needed a name, and this one was available. The name had three criteria: short, a palindrome, and starting with an “X.”

The name is now more. It is the “me” that you get to know if you get to know me. It is not the name on my license, nor the name I give when introducing myself; it is not the same on a resume, nor a name registered or certified to exist. It is me – a more complete understanding of me.


I hope you enjoy this website. Explore, and share.

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