COPYLEFT – Please give credit

I have a problem with copyrights. So, copyleft…
XORROX is the artistic expression and productions of James Watson through various forms and with the use of diverse media. These include words, arts, photography, and other captured or created things that come from the motions of James Watson.

You are entitled to share anything you like from this site. If you appreciate the work, please also share where the content comes from so that others may further explore those same things that you appreciate from this collection of experiences.

If you modify the work to enough of an extent that you would consider it an expression of who you are as an artist, then more power to you. I would love to see what you’ve done with it, and would consider linking to or sharing the work here on this site.

Do good. The Universe will do the rest.

XORROX since 2002
(James Watson)

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